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"There was no 'don't ask, don't tell' deal struck between us, you know. And don't tell me to mind my own business because I was just knee deep in his business a few hours ago. So? Does he do this a lot?"
Jet sighed deeply before admitting, "I've never seen him this bad if that's what you mean. But, yeah. He kinda does this crap a lot. Like, pulling stupid stunts and things. Tonight, though, was different."
"How so?"
"You were there. You tell me."
Well, OK. He was right. I did know how it was different. At least intrinsically. I just wanted to know why it was different, but I was suddenly doubtful that Jet could tell me. I think there was a lot of stuff even those two didn't know about each other in those days."

Freaks Flock Together

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" about Jet is the drunken dad, Spike is his live-in lover and I'm his neglected wife," Faye suggested. "Ed can be Jet's love child from a previous marriage."
'"I'm not going to dignify that with a response," Spike muttered, though he was watching Ed grapple with the concept of shoes.
"Ok, then how about we're all Jet's kids. Mom died in a terrible car accident, and we've all decided to live together to help raise Edward and help Jet work through his drinking problem," Spike contributed.
"Why am I always drunk in these scenarios?" Jet pouted.

"At some point in the course of human history, it was decided that a dog's life was an easy life. I can't imagine where they got that idea, although, humans have an irritating habit of making things up to suit their purpose. "

The Reluctant Jezebel

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"Women get a bad rap in these situations. Go all the way back to Adam and Eve, you'll see what I mean. We're the vile temptresses, right? We can bring both men and kingdoms to their knees, sometimes in the same breath. We single handedly took down all of Camelot. We started the Trojan War just by being there. We wreak all sorts of havoc in Shakespeare plays. And now this."

The Cowboy's Unofficial Guide to the Open Road

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Somewhere in the course of the three-second conversation it became about winning. Spike didn't know why, but something inside him became insistent that he drive this car. "It can't be much different from flying."
Faye knew that there was no way she could win this, being that he was already in the seat. She didn't normally submit so easily but the fact remained that she shanghaied him into this trip. He could win all the battles he wanted. She already won the war. "Fine." she sighed.
"Let's roll." He turned the key and got excited a bit as the car started up underneath him. He was driving a car. How cool. He thumped around Faye's head until he came up with her sunglasses. He put them on and then admired himself in the mirror.
"You're such a dork," Faye remarked.
"Yes, but I am a dork with a car," Spike grinned.

"Any memories I dug up were deliberate and laborious. Like, maybe I should be thinking about him now and then I was. But it didn't feel real. It didn't feel genuine. And that made me feel guilty. You know what I think it is? You know why I can't figure out how to handle this properly? I don't know the next step."

The Ballad of John Doe*

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"He felt his throat choke up briefly, and then relax. And it was back to feeling nothing.
He was all feeling-ed out. Because as disappointed that he was that he was alive, he was even more depressed to discover only a month and half had passed since. That meant that everything he had just tried to leave in a blaze of glory was still around. All the loose ends he had so masterfully left hanging were still dangling there, waiting to strangle him. It was all still here, and in six weeks, probably pretty much as he had left it."

Sentimental Journey

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"What's Jet gonna put on the Christmas tree?" Ed said finally.
"What do you mean?"
"A tree's gotta have stuff," she pointed out. "Doodads, watchamacallits, knickknacks, DOOHICKEYS!" she exclaimed with growing enthusiasm.
"Thingamajigs, even," Spike agreed with a warm sort of amusement. Jet's latest feeble grab for normalcy was striking him as funny.
Jet scratched his head. "I dunno. I haven't gotten that far. ... but it's settled. We are gonna celebrate peace, love and togetherness, even if I have to kill every single one of you to do it."