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Cowboy Bebop Fan Soundtrack
More Gripes About Bounties And Food

(64 MB .ZIP file; 15 tracks numbered in order.)

Fan Soundtrack

Past features:

David Byrne,
"The Rose Tattoo"
I think Rei Momo is pretty tops among David Byrne's solo works. Each track is based in a different Latin beat - "The Rose Tattoo", in particular, is set in a Mozambique style. There's not much in the way of real Latin music in Cowboy Bebop, but the lyrics of "The Rose Tattoo" suit the story of Spike and Julia pretty well...

If all of the dead are now living
And all of the living will die
Buying their tickets and changing their trains
Into the city and back home again...
Now I haven't seen you for ages
Come in, come out of the rain
Open the doorway and climb up the stairs
This is the bedroom where we said our prayers
I'll drink to you, the Rose Tattoo
I'm the invisible man...

Crooked Fingers,
"The Rotting Strip"

Much of Crooked Fingers' music has that air of hope and desperation, of fighting insurmountable odds, that marks Spike's outlook on life. "The Rotting Strip" in particular reminds me of him (and perhaps Faye.)
You can hear this song and others at Crooked Fingers' website The entire album is fantastic, and I highly recommend you purchase it if you enjoy this song. I believe Crooked Fingers are also on tour with Azure Ray at the moment...

"Pops" Staples & the Staples Singers,
"Down in Mississippi"
Purchase through This song has that delicious, warm Delta Blues sound that inspired Bebop OST tracks like "Forever Broke" and "Spokey Dokey". Of note: "Pops" Staples has a cameo role in David Byrne's quirky 1986 film "True Stories" - he plays a blues-singing voodoo shaman.

Som Tres,
"Homenagem A Mongo"
Purchase through My inner Christopher Walken is shouting for more cowbell. Grab this track - and definitely buy this album! - if you like "Tank!" and "What Planet Is This".

Robbie Robertson,
"Somewhere Down The Crazy River"
This is the song from which this fansite takes its name. I don't know exactly why, but something about the "coolness" of the narration reminds me of Cowboy Bebop. Anyway, the entire album is quite good, and I particularly like "Fallen Angel", the first track, in which Robertson duets with Peter Gabriel.
Robertson's later album, Underworld of Red Boy, is also a favorite.

Bob Schneider,
"Big Blue Sea"

I'm going to go through the songs used in some of the wallpapers on this site - this is the first one I wanted to feature. Bob Schneider is a fellow Austinite who performs solo as well as with the bands The Scabs (wonderfully raunchy) and The Ugly Americans. (If you're local to CenTX, he has a show most every Monday night at the Saxon Pub on South Lamar.)
Anyway, I highly recommend this album if you like blues or acoustic rock. Oh - it also contains the song "Bullets", which I think I've referred to in another part of this site. Yay!