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04-10-12: IT STILL LIVES
Wow, as of today this site's been around for 11 years and 5 months! Anyway...
One piece of fan art and two sketches are up.

If you're a big Bebop fan, chances are you already know, but good news!: Shinichiro Watanabe and Yoko Kanno are teaming up once again to produce a new anime series called "Sakamichi no Apollon" (English title is "Kids on the Slope"). It debuts on Crunchyroll on April 19!

Also of note: while looking up reference images for that fan art, I came across a series of articles called "Overthinking Cowboy Bebop". It's really terrific reading --sharp and smart but not pompous, praises Bebop while still calling out its flaws-- and I highly recommend it.

04-05-10: Holy crap, has it really almost been 10 years?
Uh, anyway, I uploaded a few bits from 2008 and 2009 to fan art and sketches.
I still love Cowboy Bebop (in fact, I'm about due for a rewatch), but have been concentrating on original projects these days - mainly this one.

08-31-07: New fan art.

07-01-07: Some new fan art and two new sketches.

07-29-06: Recommended Listening updated with a fan soundtrack.

02-14-06: I've got a Samurai Champloo fan page up now - there's a recap available there of the presentation Mr. Shinichiro Watanabe gave this past Saturday in Houston.

08-28-05: A new wallpaper and a new link!

Some bad news: there's been a recent rash of unscrupulous folks taking fan art from artists' sites, printing the images onto various items (shirts, wallets, lighters, DVD boxes, etc.), and selling those items on eBay as if they were official merchandise.
If you also create fan art, I strongly suggest that you occasionally browse eBay to check for your own works -- ESPECIALLY if you are a Japanese artist, as Japanese fan art tends to be stolen most often.
If you like to buy Cowboy Bebop goods, please check the item and make sure that there is a BANDAI or VICTOR RECORDS logo present, to ensure that you are not getting a bootleg!

Visit my main site. See what I draw in REAL life, when I'm not being an obsessive, dorky fan! :-)