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Ein What a cute fuzzy Ein! This picture is from Chozo. Thanks dude!
Ooooo, what a creepy expression! Don't kill me! This awesome Vicious fanart is by Lime.
Faye Faye in profile, drawn by Hotaruchan. She looks so sad... wonder what she's thinking about?
Faye, looking ready to kick some butt! Artwork by Hoelker. I really like the opaque paint over the watercolor background.
SMACKDOWN!!  :o Some hilarious parody art from Weapon X. I don't know what I can say about this, so I'll just leave you to click on the link yourself :D
Christmas wishes for Spike and Faye from Pinkpiyoko! How cute!
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving wishes from Terry. That pilgrim hat really suits Spike... that's sort of distressing if you think about it! :D Ed is so cute!
A Hell of a Time
Some sad (and gruesome) artwork from Abys-chan. ** (Big spoiler warning!) It would make an interesting premise for a story, don't you think?
MS Paint Spike Spike done in MS Paint, by Mushroom Hunter. Reminds me a little of The Matrix... is he dodging bullets, or stopping them? Neat! :)
More holiday wishes from Edward, who shows Spike, Jet, and Ed at Christmastime. Eeeeee! Spike nutcracker doll!! XD
Vicious Vicious, by Karos. I like that he's turned away from the viewer. (Wait... it looks a little like he just killed someone! Scary!!)
Spike in the rain
Spike by Hotaruchan. He looks so sad, standing in the rain. I like the sharp inks on this one!
Spoooooky! A ghostly Spike by FuzzyDuc. Spooooky! FuzzyDuc has an interesting story behind this picture... "The owner of a Halloween haunted house came to us and said he wanted portraits of ghostly people on the wall, and we said "ok," with wicked grins. My friend Miki sketched up Spike, all pale and dreary, much like after he ate a few bad mushrooms, and penciled him on the wall. I went in and painted him, along with adding green tint to his hair. Everybody this year saw Spike, a few people, we heard, recognized the painting, and went nuts."
Halloween Ensemble The crew is all ready to go out to a halloween party, courtesy of Edward!
Spike and Julia
Spike and Julia sharing a quiet moment, by Penny Angelos. I really like the soft light from the window. Is Julia wearing Spike's shirt? ^_~
Ed Fried Ed by Bill. Check out the cute limerick! :D Would you like some fried Ed with your eggs?
Ed by Hotaruchan
Ed by Hotaruchan. What on earth has Jet been cooking?! I love the little stick figures on the side.
Sad Faye Faye by Jupe. The running mascara and smudged lipstick are a real nice touch. She looks so sad... ;_; Thank you, Jupe!
Spike by Morgan Rock. This was done in MS Paint?! Wow, it looks great! I like the hatching on his coat, especially. Thank you!
Happy Halloween Spike and Ed wishing everyone a happy Halloween! This lovely picture is by Terry.
Spike & Ed
Spike and Ed by Raver Komono. Nice sepia tones! Go read RK's doujinshi, it's great :3
Spike and Julia Spike and Julia by Leenie. I love the bright colors and color halftone background! It's so happy...
Ed's smiley, by Chunkeymonkey. It's so cute!!
Spike by Mer Spike, walking (in the rain? ^_^) by Mer. Nice pencil work!!
Spike semi-abstract, by Chris Bate. I like his expression!
Faye Chibi-Faye by Flying Piggie. I love the smooth coloring, and her eyes! It looks great :3
Spike by Matt. Of course Spike would notice his cigarettes falling out in the middle of a big fight ^^ I like this pose.
Spike and Faye Spike and Faye by Terry. Super-nice pencil work! It looks like they're dancing...?
Vicious by John-O. I think this was drawn in Flash...? Nice smooth lines :) I absolutely love the caption.
Vicious and Julia Vicious and Julia by Annie. Gaah, this is so pretty! I love Julia's hair. Thanks for letting me host this image here!
Trumpet Player
Cool Spike and Faye, Star Wars-style! Line art by Adam Ott, colored by Lil Qoh.
Jet close up A close-up on Jet by Inu. I like it when fanartists use natural media. I wish I was good with watercolor! I wonder what he's thinking about... :)
Trumpet Player

Spike as a trumpet player by Fata. I love the LP-like texture in the background - it looks so... mm, I dunno, warm? I like the expression on his face too. This is so good!! Thank you, Fata!

Help Me To Forget
Ed and Spike by Raver Komono. Thanks for giving me permission to host this image here... I just love it to pieces. The facial expressions, the birds... aaaaah!! I love it \>w</
Group Cooking & Cosplay?

The whole crew, as drawn by Purple Jelly James. They're al in costume: Jet is Chef Boyardee (hee!), Ed is Himura Kenshin (!), Faye is Luffy from One Piece (!!), Spike is Gateau from "Sorcerer Hunters" (!!!), and Vicious is dressed as Sephiroth from FFVII. Wild! ^_^ Thank you!

Faye at the bar
Faye at the bar, drawn by Laguna. She's pretty dangerous looking! Hope no one is foolish enough to bother her. ^_^ I especially like the detail on the ashtray and the bourbon glass. Thanks, Laguna!
Spike, drawn by Sweet. I really like the blase look on his face. It goes well with the cigarette. Pencil drawings are nice ^^ Thank you, Sweet!
Ed at 19?
Ed by Weapon X.I guess this is Ed around age 20? Glad to see someone else shares my ideas about her future career. Cool stuff! *
Pulp Faye
Faye by CF_Nikki. You certainly have a gift for parody! I especially like how you put a miniature version on the book cover. This was sent in while the Bebop Photoshop War was still going... Thank you!
Grumpy Jet ^w^
Jet, by cyen. This is such a classic Jet expression. I wonder what he's grumpy about... Thanks for letting me host this picture!
Jet & Spike ^o^
Jet and Spike in profile. I love the warm colors - it looks like a gold plaque or a wood carving! Gift art from LOVIN. Thank you! I'm so happy! ^o^

Guests & Gifts Page 2 - Page 3