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Sketches & Oekaki

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Spike and Jet Spike and Faye

A couple of quick Photoshop sketches. 2011/2012.

Smoke after a shower Jet & Alton Brown Ed at 23 Faye Faye


Spike and TJ Faye & Gren Spike, Jet, TJ & Amal Spike & Jet

A heap of doodles from 2008 and 2009.

Smoke after a shower Spike

Two sketches of Spike. Pretty fanservice-y, I guess.

Faye in blue pencil Faye in colour
colour rough of Ed

Two sketches of Faye, and one of Ed, done in Painter 9 some time ago. I just found these.

spike. Faye Ed Jet

Four sketches of the crew. Pencil on vellum Bristol.


"Spike's Head" has become what I draw to keep my pencil moving when I'm too busy to churn out something original. Well, whatever works. :/ And it's pretty relaxing to draw his hair, for some reason.
He looks like he's about to nod off, sending his coat into flames as his cigarette drops. Which would be kind of funny, really. June 2003.


Painter doodle of Spike done as a "hello" on a CB fan webgroup. February 2003.

Past, Present, and Future

"There's more of bell peppers than of beef about you, spirit." (Christmas card art for the BB and JazzMess, December 2002.)

Happy Trees

I have no excuse for this. November 2002.

Jet on the beach

A just-because gift sketch for LinusMines (aka LoserBar)... hence the beer, the mining helmet, and the finger and the thumb in the shape of an 'L' on his fore-heeaaaad... November 2002.

Jet on the beach

Vicious gets into the Christmas spirit. Or not. (Drawn at ASARI's BBS a few days before Christmas 2002.)

Jet on the beach

"I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled..." (To which Pangaea responded, "Eat a peach, Jet! I dare ya!", which made me very very happy)
Done Dec. 3, 2002 on the oekaki board. I like playing with subdued colors lately.

He's a bad mutha

I intended this to be a gift wallpaper for Fata - drew it at 1024x768... I never finished it. It turned out horribly. But the sketch version (Painter, of course) turned out OK. A lot of my CG work looks like this when it's in progress. The pose here is based off a screen capture of Isaac Hayes from the movie "Truck Turner". Feb. 2002.

O Brother, Where Art Thou - 35k

Spike, Jet, and Faye, headed towards the big rock candy mountain... Someone shoot me. Dec. 2001

KoHD sketch

Regular sketch version of the Jan. 2002 top picture. Painter 5.