My Art





Quick Photoshop sketch of Faye. Prompted by Peter Gabriel's song "Don't Give Up": drove the night towards my home, the place where I was born on the lakeside / as daylight broke, I saw the earth / the trees had burned down to the ground. April 2012.



Original characters, drawn in the style of the opening credits. Summer 2010.

Spike and ???

Commissioned sketch. 2006?


Commission/gift drawing of Spike. Just trying out something new with colored pencils. 2006/2007.


Another commissioned illustration of Faye, this time in her bikini. The markers scanned rather poorly, and it wound up looking blotchier than it actually is. Oh well. 2005.


Commissioned illustration of Faye. I wanted to make her look relaxed, confident, and sexy. 2005.


Just a marker sketch of Jet I did one night while watching TV. 2005.

Ed & The Watermelon

Drawn in coloured pencil while at JTAF2; later cleaned up in Photoshop 7. I like how this one came out, especially the water. Summer 2004.

Spike & Hige

A commission for Rozard of AMV fame. Spike giving Hige (from Wolf's Rain) a noogie for stealing his haircut! Lacking reference, I got Hige's shirt wrong, but I think he looks pretty good otherwise.
Prismacolour & Rapidograph on Bristol.  May 2004.


Spike. I originally did this for Animenation's Cowboy Bebop fanart contest, but I don't know if I'm going to send it in after all :/ I used a couple of photo references for this... one for the behaviour of the smoke as it's blown out, and one for the darker shades of skin tone when harshly lit from the top. (A photo of Jean Reno, I think.)
Had a lot of fun doing this one. It started as a speedpainting, and ended up taking about 4 hours.  October 2002.

Jet with a Studebaker

"A bounty hunter in his natural habitat... a Studebaker!"
Jet with a 1932 Studebaker President Eight. I have no idea if they made these with hardtops, but there you go. The scene just sort of built itself as I colored. I originally drew him with an Edsel, but I couldn't display the character and the car well within the frame :/
Everyone on the BB says this reminds them of "Road to Perdition".  May 2002.


Cadillac Whack

Normally I don't put oekaki in the main fanart page, but I spent so long on each of these that I figured the effort made up for it. The left one is Julia, sans doves.*
The right one is Spike with the delectable, wonderful, lovely 1959 Cadillac Series 62 convertible. Cherry red with white leather seats of course.  May 2002.

Open Road

Very belated gift art for Agent Orange. Sketched in Painter, colored and cleaned in Photoshop. I tried coloring it in Painter first, but the background and foreground didn't mesh. BGM while working on this was Peter Gabriel's "Secret World Live" album and a Monkees/Yoko Kanno/Spitz mix CD. Despite that, I was stuck on CSN songs the entire time I was drawing. (Hush, you!) There's a wallpaper version of this one, too.  May 2002.

Vincent - 60k

A profile of Vincent - gift art for ASARI.   Drawn in Painter 5 using primarily the pencil tool. Colored with some custom Watercolor brushes, tiny accents done with Scratchboard Pen tool. I didn't really have a plan when I started this picture, but I like how the colors came out.  January(?) 2002


Macintyre - 58k

Hey, it's Macintosh ... Macenroe ... uhh, I mean MacIntyre! Yeah...
This is gift art for LOVIN! I hope you like it!
Done in Painter 5 using only the Scratchboard Ink Pen tool and the Grainy Water tool. It was really fun mixing all the skin colors.  02-28-02


Mushroom Samba tribute Inspired by commentary in r.a.a.m. Drawn in the style of Ralph Steadman. 10-30-01

Hirschfeld Spike - 30 k

Spike, drawn in the style of Al Hirschfeld. Sort of ^^; (Yes, there are NINAs.)  10-30-01

Halloween Ed. I realized I hadn't done any Ed art, which is a travesty. Happy Halloween, everybody! Done in Painter... 10-23-01

Vincent, floating underwater... I was totally obsessed with Radiohead's "Pyramid Song" when I drew this. (I love that song!)